Yoshi Lu Ze LLP is a Sino-Japanese multinational sales and import and export trading company, its parent company (Beijing Ji Lu Ze Trading Co. Ltd.) sales in the form of interventional surgery treatment, targeting the third type of disposable medical consumables and stomatology equipment as its main business scope.

Therefore, we have great insights into the Chinese medical market.

We also have relevant experience in import and export trade and market research. We had close cooperation with many major international brands, such as Italy Cefla S.C. company; Abbott American; Medtronic Inc; Japan Termao Co. Ltd.; Japan Asahi Inda Co. Ltd. and Goldman Company.

In addition, we have established a long-term and stable cooperation with a great number of large Chinese medical institutions and supply chain platform companies, such as China traditional Chinese Medicine Group, China Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group and China Guangzhou Phar. Holdings etc. Among these, our partners with strong professional characteristics are Beijing An Zhen Hospital; Fu Wai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Wuhan Asian Heart Hospital.

Moreover, Beijing Jiluze Trading Co. Ltd. has participated in many domestic and international academic exchange conferences and presentations on technical exchanges including various academic exchange activities with Professor Sumitsuji of Japan.

Currently, we have reached strategic cooperation with the Italy Cefla S.C. company under the great demand of business development.

We obtained the sales authorization for Italy Cefla S.C. company products in Japan.

We have the enthusiasm and capacity to further explore and develop our business in the Japanese market.

Yoshi Lu Ze LLP will provide professional service not only for the Japanese market research and development but also for the after-sales market development.

In line with the purpose of diversified development, we will also serve as a bridge between China and Japan for Japanese enterprises and products to offer Chinese market research sales and after-sales service.